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  • Christina Hassen

    Christina Hassen

  • Zdravko Cvijetic

    Zdravko Cvijetic

    Ex. Founder of Zero to Skill | Content Creator | 50M + Views | #1 Viral Medium Article

  • Laura Mabille

    Laura Mabille

    Lève-tôt et adepte de #rituelmatinal | Résume des livres et parle de rituel matinal & productivité sur www.lauramabille.fr

  • Fabrice Liut

    Fabrice Liut

    I support those who develop regenerative initiatives through the practices of Designs, the organization of knowledge and the management of cooperative projects.

  • Marion Soeur Warain

    Marion Soeur Warain

    Auteure, thérapeute hypnose humaniste et danse intuitive, globe-trotter, humaine passionnée ! http://marionsw-devenir.com

  • Johann Yang-Ting

    Johann Yang-Ting

    Fondateur de #Gamentrepreneur Business Mentor & Consultant Marketing

  • Pierre Fournier

    Pierre Fournier

    Passionné par l’ #ESS #educationpopulaire #innovationsociale, #sharingeconomy @pfbaloo.

  • Valentin Richard

    Valentin Richard

    Designing technologies that help you focus on real-life. Borrowing a lot of stuff from video games in the process.

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